John M. Campbell


John Campbell is

a director, a photographer, a producer, a writer, a creative director, an illustrator, an eater of pizza, a wearer of ties, a player of 8-bit video games, a critic, a cynic and a serial killer. Back up, scratch that last one, move forward. He is known for his diverse visual style, poignant evocation of rapport and ability to take projects from concept to post. He also shoots a lot of women. Some people told him, when he was a young punk, that he’s good at shooting girls and he believed them.

In industry speak, John is that terrible (or wonderful) thing called a hybrid. He is a creature with multiple titles with many hyphens. He is that dirty rat known as: the Jack-of-all-Trades. This comes from a voracious curiosity, an undying creative drive and the fortune to live long enough to make a ton of mistakes. However, in an age of exponentially increasing integration, hybridization perhaps becomes more the norm, rather than the reverse.

John brings with him a wide range of expertise in design, film, fashion, digital creative and writing in the 3rd person about himself. John likes to do most things backwards so he started working in feature film, then moved on to television, then into commercials and eventually found his way to content creation. He plans to continue this trend until he has his own company devoted solely to the production of infomercials for cats. He has worked in multiple capacities and just about every crew department possible. He’s been a PA, an AD, and a grip. He’s worked in makeup and prosthetics and VFX. He’s done publicity work, camera work, wet work and art work.

John Campbell lives between Prague, Czech Republic and Los Angeles, California. Sometimes you can find him in Tokyo. He likes to be frisked by strangers in airports, so he travels a lot. Available for assignment worldwide.